A Dwarf Rabbit

Published: 20th April 2007
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Here is everything you need to now about a dwarf rabbit . My bunny is a Polish Dwarf rabbit. He is tiny and about 3 pounds. The Polish Dwarf rabbit I believe has developed in England in the 1800s. Some experts believe that the name does not refer to the country of Poland, but rather to its shiny coat. The Polish Dwarf is a companion to the Netherland Dwarf. He is also very petite and lively in his behavior. The Polish rabbit breeds in as many colors as the Netherland Dwarf. There are advantages to mini rabbits as pets because their feed and housing are less than the larger ones, and they are more easily handled.
That is why we chose a dwarf rabbit. We love him and he is so easy to handle. There is a saying that medium-size or larger rabbits tend to be calmer and more manageable than mini dwarf rabbits. Our first bunny was a Holland Lop and my daughter couldn't handle him as god as our Polish rabbit because he was heavier.
We adopted him as an adult so we new his size.
Any rabbit dos not like to be lifted and held unless they are gradually taught to tolerate it. He was held very much in his life, so he accepted being held by us right away. He already was house-trained and used his litter box. We trained our first bunny.
Rabbits, just like dogs and cats prefer not to foul the area where they eat and sleep and will instead venture out of their "dens" to relive themselves. Important to remember when litter-box train a rabbit is consistency and praise. So be alert in the early days and follow your rabbit everywhere. When an accident happens pick him up and put him in his litter-box with a few droppings inside. Also clean the spot with some vinegar. Rabbits don't like the smell and avoid the area for another try. Spayed and neutered rabbits are easier to litter-train. It is also important for the health and overall happiness of any dwarf rabbit.
An adolescent rabbit often sprays urine and performs the sexual act on people's legs, slippers and other pets. There also tend to be more restless and more aggressive. Neutering reduces or eliminates all these problems without changing the personality of the bunny. When rabbits start circling and love bite legs that is a sing that it is the right time to go ahead with the procedure.
Our dwarf rabbit was neutered and we didn't need to take care of it.

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